2001 Powder Coating Demonstration

The NTC powder coating demonstration was a big success.  We all met at Custom Powder Coating in Dallas.  Owner Steve Martz started by telling us about the different compounds and material that is used for the powder coating process.  Steve explained how the material is applied with a special gun and then baked in his ovens until cured.  We saw the different types of powder coating available and the many colors and textures.  Steve talked about the different parts on display and how the look was created for the particular part.  We all then went into the shop where Steve demonstrated the process of powder coating and showed us his ovens and some projects that he was working on.  We finally wrapped up the session with a few questions and answers.  We had a good turnout and several members brought their cars.  We even got to play a little mechanic at the end when Brad's linkage became dislodged on his '68.  Several members went to Humperdinks for lunch following the demonstration.